USB->DigOut _AND_ USB->Serial device

Can I use the Maestro, via USB, to control Digital Outputs AND connect another serial device (not a Maestro) to the serial TTL ports ?

i.e. can the Maestro appear as two virtual serial ports – one for servo/digital-output/input control, and one for UART (without chaining) ?
one virtual serial port for comms with UART, and low level USB control for the servo/digital-output/input control ?

Answering my own question :slight_smile: I see in the user guide that there is a USB Dual Port mode, where two virtual serial ports are available on the host computer – Command Port and TTL port. They are independent with the Command Port controlling the servo input/outputs and the TTL port sending bytes to/from the TTL UART Tx/Rx pins.


Thank you for posting the answer you found. Your answer is correct.