USB did not communicate on SVP1284

I tested USB function on demo program, but it did not work. I used COM test program download from Pololu and it shows me only send, but no reply and no thing happened on screen display. Do you have procedure how I test USB in detail and what should show on the display?

I used this USB for read and write C program w/o any problem. I confirmed I used correct COM number which for program and which for communication.


I am sorry you are having problems with your Orangutan SVP. Could you tell me more about your setup? Do you have anything else connected to the SVP? What program do you have uploaded onto the SVP? Are you using the Pololu Serial Transmitter utility to send serial data to your SVP?

- Jeremy

Thanks for reply.

I connected a USB cable from PC to USB port on SVP1284. Ran the demo program on SVP1284. Selected USB on SVP and ran Pololu Serial Transmitter (PST) on PC, selected COM4 which I found in device manager for communication (COM5 for programming). SVP showed “Type on PC”, then, I typed on PST, but no reply and no change on SVP’s display, then, my PC died on this point. I have to restart it. When I shut off SVP and its display showed “ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz” and OFF.

My motor and encoder connected on Vcc, GND, A, B, Motor 1 terminals during testing USB.

Were you able to follow the directions found in the “Using the USB Communication Port” section of the Pololu Orangutan SVP User’s Guide? Could you try sending the single byte “0x41” with the Pololu Serial Transmitter and see if it displays “A”? Could you also try using a different computer to communicate to the Orangutan SVP?

When you say “my PC died on this point” what exactly do you mean? Did it turn off? Did it freeze? Did the USB port stop working?


I got another and tested OK. I return it to your dealer.