USB controller suggestion that can be programmed with C# for

Hello all,

First of all my appologies if this is off topic, but I don’t know enough about electronics to even start looking in the right place…

I’m hoping the experts here can point me in the right direction, and solve this puzzle:

Essentially I need to interface an electic bike with a C# software running on a netbook via USB to do few rudimentary tasks. I’m not sure what this

USB controller is or if it even exists, but here is what this controller \ “thing” needs to do:

  1. Pass some kind of input to software that approximately represents speed of wheel turning (accuracy / MPH not imporant…relative is fine)…I was

thinking about using a cheap bicycle dynamo that lights a 6 volt bulb or something similar…that I can wire to the controller “thing” that will feed

info back to software.

  1. Outputs voltage regulation…so that I can limit output that goes to bicycle wheel…for example if I want to stop all current to wheel via

software. I’m not concerned about power details here…i will find a way to modulate / contorl power, but just need something that will alow me to do

it from software.

  1. Software should light 6 different leds. For example if i click button on netbook I need a led to light…simple.

  2. Softoware should respond to 5 buttons mounted on the bicycle frame…if i press button software get’s an event and shows message on screen.

The key here is for software to handle all the events/inputs/outputs for speed, buttons, leds, and voltage regulator…etc i just dont know what the

USB “thing” is that has drivers and that I can program against and use to inteface with the electonics.

Can someone suggest what usb controller / “thing” would be appropriate for this setup? Or an adaptor or two that I can use to accomplish the same?

Again, my applogies for pre-newb questions…any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any and all help…



Pololu offers a selection of USB products that work with the Pololu USB Software Development Kit that has a lot of code written in C# for controlling them. You might start by considering those products, reading over their product pages and user’s guides to see if they might work in your system. Also, for the buttons and LED part of the project, you might consider the Wixel. If you have any specific questions about these products, we’d be glad to answer them.

- Ryan