Usb Bridge

I have several designs that i am awaiting the prototypes to arrive, while i wait. I have designed USB to HID i2c/spi & uart boards which may take a month to arrive :frowning:

I am looking for something i can purchase & use now! So i am not wasting time & can write modules to communicate with various sensor breakouts or inputs.

I am specifically looking for a bi-direction spi board.

Silabs has just released the CP2130 USBHID to SPI bridge.
Money is tight so it will be a while before i can get some.

I am trying to write modules for , which i believe to be the best thing to come from England since Diana & Ale.

I would prefer something i did not have to program, something ready to go with enough CS/SS select pins 1-5 or even just 1.

Flowstone from DSP has a unique module HID which uses the windows api for bi-directional HID Communication, reducing development time for its end users.

You select your windows HID device with a 0 index selector, the module can populate by Device Name, Device Manufacturer & or Device VID/PID. Leaving the user to send & receive HEX Bytes.

Embedded really come to mind, i have over 100 ideas backed up :slight_smile:

I bought a tablet primarily for this reason, i also bought a windows pocket pc (atom based win7 18gms) the size of your palm from Korea.

With Flowstone & aforementioned device build a remote video/wireless/robot or in my case communicate with an spi enabled stepper system with 10km range with audio & video feed :slight_smile:

The sky is the limit and probably will be.

Back to my original question, i do not wish to buy a module if i.e. the module is $15 & Postage is $30 , i already know there is $2 of parts, $2 of labor, .50c of fabrication & possible $1 in receiving for manufacture, but $15 is a fair price to me yet how does a 5gram item cost $30 to send when i can receive a 5kg item for $25 & yet the post distributor will send small items registered with tracking under 100Grams for average $7-12 worldwide.

So that is my bug, i want a HID to SPI device $15 or so & willing to pay $10 for post $25 is a decent price, but i don’t want a device that will take days to understand to program, something ready to go ?

Long first post :blush:

Hi, jb_norman.

I looked at some information about the CP2130 and it doesn’t seem like it’s really what you’re looking for: I couldn’t find any mention of it having a USB HID interface. Page 20 of the datasheet says:

The table on the last page of this PDF seems to back this up; there are USB to UART and I2C chips with HID interfaces, but the CP2130 does not operate as an HID device.

- Kevin

Yes correct, late nights :unamused: , confused with MCP2210 , so many 22 21 :slight_smile: