USB AVR Programmer v2 question

I am currently trying to program a Melzi v2.0 board with a ATmega1284P chip in it but I keep getting a “avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding” error. I have tried it on multiple boards. Do i not have the AVR set correctly?


For anyone following this thread, we resolved the problem in a phone call by reviewing the steps in the “AVR programming using the Arduino IDE” section of the programmer’s user’s guide, which is linked to on the “Resources” tab of its product page. Specifically, the Atmel STK500 development board must be selected in the Programmer menu and Upload with Programmer must be used from the Sketch menu instead of using the standard Upload button in the Arduino IDE.


I am still having an issue with the bootloader. For some reason it isn’t going on the board.

It sounds like you might be using the Burn Bootloader option from the Tools menu in the Arduino IDE. Do you get an error message when you do that? If not, how are you testing how it is working?


Yes that is what I am using. It says burn complete with no errors, but when testing the board it doesn’t act like it should. When a bootloader is on the light should be on but it’s not. Then when I put the firmware on the screen I blank and no lights too.

If you are not getting any error messages, it sounds like it could be an issue with the firmware you are loading or the board you are programming. You might try something like uploading a simplified test code or checking with someone familiar with the board and firmware you are trying to use.


I did the blink led test and I started fine. I don’t know anyone else that lives around me that even has a 3d printer for help either.

The RepRap forum might be a good place to ask for help.