USB AVR Programmer freq error

Hello everybody!
I use polou usb avr programmer(firmvare 1.07) for ATtiny85, but in AVR Studio 4.16 build 628 I have a problem. When I read signature my ATtiny85 show error:

In Polou Configuration utility I see last Error:

Settings in Polou Configuration utility:
ISP Frequency 200kHz
Target VDD Monitor:
Minimum 0 mV
Maximub 8160 mV
Settings in AVR Studio:
ISP Frequency 57.60 kHz
On programmer flashing yellow diode, red and green diode shines. What’s the problem?


Could you tell me more about your setup? Are you powering the ATtiny when you are programming it? Could you post pictures of your setup and screenshots of your errors?

- Jeremy

ATiny powered only connected ISP. I have to feed through the USB charge when it programming?
Sorry for big picture, but I don`t khow how hide it.

Error in Configuration Utility:

Error in AVR Studio:

The AVR needs to be powered when programming it. You might be able to use a USB charger (one that doesn’t do anything with the D+ and D- lines); however, I recommend just powering it by applying 5V across VDD and GND.

- Jeremy

Thank you, all good working. :smiley: