Uploading code to arduino

I want to ask, when I’m uploading code to arduino with zumo shield attached, somehow it’s never get done uploading. However, if I remove the zumo shield, I can upload it and the program just work fine as I coded (e.g Zumobuzzer from here:
github.com/pololu/zumo-shield-a … zerExample).

What is the problem in this case ?



Did you buy the assembled version or the kit version? If you assembled it yourself, did you trim the pins that are over the motors, which are shown here? It is possible that pins 0 and 1 are shorting on the motor’s case during programming causing it to fail.

In either case, could you double check and make sure the pins are not touching the motor?

- Jeremy

Thx man, its working now, it because we didn’t trim the soldered part correctly.