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Upgrade Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller to operate AC Brushless Motor

Hi All,

l would like to know is it possible to uses the Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller to control and Operate AC Brushless Motors?

The Maestro cannot drive an AC brushelss motor directly, and we do not carry any controllers that can.

If your brushless motor has some kind of control electronics built-in, and they accept hobby RC servo signals, then you could use the Maestro to provide those signals.


Hi BrandonM,

Thank you for your feedback. What kind of control electronics built in devices do you mean?


I didn’t have any specific devices in mind, but a lot of brushless motors come with built-in electronics. Additionally, there are separate (not built-in) devices like quadcopter ESCs that typically accept hobby RC servo signals to drive brushless motors. This tutorial by “How to Mechatronics” goes into some detail about those if you are interested.


If you bought a brushless motor speed control from a hobby shop or on line from Hobby King it would work. There are different power capabilities. helicopter and drone are fwd only. Car and monster truck are forward reverse. They decode normal RC pulse output 1.0 to 2 millisecond and should work fine with what you want.
If you decided to go brushed. Servo city has lots of sales this week on their single and dual motor controls that can decode the RC pulse output.