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Unmanned ground vehicle

What is the difference between autonomous ground vehicle and unmanned ground vehicle?


Autonomous implies that the vehicle moves around and makes decisions about where to go on its own, i.e. a person is not needed to control the vehicle either from within itself or remotely. Unmanned is a broader term that just implies a person does not need to be in the vehicle to control it, so unmanned ground vehicles include autonomous vehicles and remotely operated ones.

- Patrick

Thanks Man, really helped me

What is the difference between R C cars and unmanned ground vehicle

I moved your latest post to the thread you started last week since the questions are similar.

In general when people say “RC cars” they are probably referring specifically to radio controlled hobby cars like the ones from Traxxas and Horizon Hobby. I suspect unmanned ground vehicle is generally used as a broader term for any ground vehicle without an on-board human operator. However, how these terms are used can probably vary based on the circles you are in and the context they are used in.

- Patrick