Universal Mounting Hub Adapter

I bought a 37D GearMotor with a 6 mm Universal mounting hub but wanted to connect to a 5 mm shaft (or smaller). This seems to be problem because the 6mm hub has 6 holes that don’t line up with all of the other 4 hole hubs. If you offered a universal monuting hub adapter that will connnect the 6 hole hub to all of your other 4 hole hub connections, it would make all compatible. It could be an aluminum adaptor with drilled and tapped holes, or the adaptor could be ABS plastic.

The other solution would be to offer the 6 hole hub in other sizes (3, 4, 5 mm) although the demand may not be enough to offer.


Thank you for the product suggestion. We will keep it in mind, but it would likely be a long time before we have anything like that. I’m not sure how practical of a solution this is, but if you want something immediate, you could consider using our custom laser-cutting service.

- Ben