Undocumented Maestro serial commands?

I’m trying to write a pi4j driver for the Maestro family of servo controllers. During driver initialization I need to determine how many channels the board supports, and how each channel is configured (servo/input/output/pwm). Is there any way, using some undocumented serial command, of at least finding out the board’s model number? How about querying the channel configurations?


There are no TTL serial commands for getting the number of channels, the channel configurations, and the model number on a Maestro. However, you can get all that data through the Maestro’s native USB interface using the Pololu USB SDK.

To get the settings of the Maestro using the SDK, you would need to use the method getUscSettings. If you need more details about that function, please read the SDK’s source code and comments, which serves as our main documentation of the Pololu USB SDK.

- Amanda