Understanding pin configuration of QTR 8RC MD and how to take output

Hello Everyone
I’m a beginner in Robotics, I’m trying to build a line following robot using QTR MD 8RC connected with Arduino Uno, their are 15 pins starting from 0 to 15 and two control pin, i don’t know how to take output, unlike other IR Sensor which have Vcc, gnd and Digital/ Analog pins output, i checkout various resources, but i just can’t understand it, i also check out example code from here

I guess this code is valid for 1st generation before Aug 2018, but not for 2nd Generation,
I will appreciate any help


For the RC versions of the sensors, the signal line is not a simple output like you would see on an IR sensor. You can find a breakdown of how the RC versions work in the “Interfacing with the outputs of the RC versions” heading of the QTR-MD-08RC Reflectance Sensor Array product page; in short, you have to set the line as an output and drive it high to charge the capacitor, then set the line as an input and measure the time it takes for the voltage to decay by waiting for the I/O line to go low. You can see the code we use for doing this in the readPrivate() function in the QTRSensors.cpp file from our QTR Sensor Arduino Library.

That being said, if you use our library, that is all handled in the background and you can just call the read(), readCalibrated(), readLineBlack(), and readLineWhite() functions directly. The current version of our library supports all of our QTR reflectance array products.


Thank you BrandonM, I reply to your message as to let you to know i have read your message, Thank you for the help, i will try to understand it myself if i faced any difficulty i would let you know