Unable to program 3pi with Pololu USB AVR Prog

I am having issues connecting either of my new 3pi’s using either of my Pololu USB AVR programmers.

Running: Win7 x64
I’m able to connect to the USB AVR Progs (one comes up with COM1, COM2… the other COM7/COM8)
AVR Studio 4 comes up and recognizes that something is connected, pops up the window saying “STK500 in ISP mode with ATmega328P”, and immediately pops up a message with “ISP Mode Error …”

Down the bottom, I get
"Setting mode and device parameters… OK!"
“Entering Programming Mode… FAILED!”
“Leaving Programming Mode… OK!”

I’ve checked that the programming mode is ISP, and set ISP Frequency super low at 4.000 kHz (attainable returns 3.998kHz)

This occurs for both USB AVR programmers and both 3pi bots, one of which I’ve upgraded to firmware v1.05. I’ve not reused any cables (cables are kept with their respective USB AVR Programmers.) I’ve also tried a fresh install of the Pololu AVR Development Bundle on a fresh install of Win7.



I am sorry you are having trouble programming your 3pi.

It sounds like AVR Studio is connecting successfully to your programmer. Otherwise it would not have opened up the “STK500 in ISP mode with ATmega328P” dialog box. The real problem is that the programmer is unable to connect to the ATmega328P on the 3pi.

It is odd that AVR Studio is immediately trying to enter programming mode when you connect to the programmer. What tab is selected when this happens?

Did you remember to turn on the 3pi? The blue power LED needs to be on.

Please try following the advice in the Pololu USB AVR Programmer User’s Guide, in the “Troubleshooting” section, under the heading “If the programmer has problems connecting to the target AVR”.