Unable to install/ open programs on UBUNTU 12.04

I followed the user guide concerning installing linux drivers. I “unzipped” the tar files, and located them at “home\wixel_linux\······” I copied the 99 rules file over, and followed the read me file.(sudo apt get ······) However, when trying to run wixelconfig or wixelcmd via teminal I get"command does not exist"
Clicking on the files in nautilus has no effect, either. I have tried it on two different linux machines, neither work. Is there a step NOT in the read me file that I need to do?


I am sorry you are having trouble running the Wixel software. To run the software you will need to type an absolute or relative path to the executable; you cannot just type “wixelcmd”. Please try navigating to the directory that contains wixelcmd and then run the following command in your terminal:

If that does not work, could you also run ls -l and show us the full output from both of those commands?


When in teminal, I navigated to the correct directory before trying to run them. I will try again tonight, and let you know what happens. Thanks!