Unable to Identify Motor Spec

Hi Everyone, I harvested 3 motors out of a printer, but I’m not sure what kind of motor it is.

Can anyone help shed some more light on to these motors, or recommend me any sites to read up on? I asked Google, but couldn’t find any info.

On the board with the connectors theres some labels for the pins.

white: m(-)
red: m(+)
green: 3.3v
black: gnd
yellow: ChB
blue: Cha



That is a brushed DC permanent magnet motor with a very nice but otherwise standard quadrature shaft encoder (ChA and ChB are the A and B outputs). The motor likely runs on 12 or 24 V maximum (m+ and m- leads) while the encoder requires 3.3 V. Try running the motor at 6V and measuring the current draw with a multimeter to get a feel for the power requirements.

Thanks Jim! Really appreciate your info on this motor.

I’m just starting off, and found the forum on this site very educational.

I purchased a Mini Maestro 24 - can I hook up these motors to this board?


No, the Maestro is a servo controller that generates standard RC servo pulses, so it cannot control a DC motor directly. If the motor is a brushed DC motor with encoders, you would probably need a motor driver or motor controller to power the motor and a microcontroller to process the encoder signals.

- Amanda