UM7-LT with LS20031 GPS


New to this forum, I have been using an UM6 in the past. I’m looking into using the UM7 with the external GPS to have GPS sync’ed IMU data back to a computer. Is there a plastic case for the LS20031, just like the UM7? If not (and I’m a bit unfamiliar with GPS) can I put the GPS board in any plastic case without compromising the quality of the signal? Could I use a different GPS as ‘optional external GPS’ for the UM7?



Hello, JC.

We do not carry a case for the LS20031, but I do not think placing the receiver in a typical plastic case would degrade the GPS radio signal significantly. I am not certain, but it appears that the UM7 communicates with the external GPS module using a standard NEMA protocol over 3.3V TTL serial, and I suspect there are other modules that would work. If you are reluctant to build your own case, you might try checking the CH Robotics forum to see if they have any other modules they might recommend.