UM7 - Dimensions for Updated Enclosure Design

I have a Redshift UM7 IMU on the way and I’m working on updating my CAD models to incorporate the new sensor. I ordered the version with the enclosure and the product page mentions that since September the sensors have the new enclosure design with the mounting tabs removed and the bolt holes incorporated into the enclosure itself. This sounds good to me :+1: as it gives the sensor a smaller footprint.

However, I can’t seem to find a dimensional drawing of the new enclosure anywhere! Has anyone found one? Mostly I just need to know the dimensions for the 5 mounting holes on the underside so I can make sure I have the right hardware to attach the sensor to my system when it arrives. Thank you!


We recently added a DWG drawing that shows the locations of the mounting holes on the bottom side of the new UM7 enclosure to the product page under the “Resources” tab. The holes are threaded for M1.4 screws, and we recommend screwing no more than 3 mm (0.12″) into them.

- Patrick

Thanks for the information @PatrickM, that’s what I was looking for!