UM6-LT mag not working at all

Just got the um6-lt sensor in today and can’t get any mag data out of it. Accel and gyro raw data seem to be fine but mag raw data is always just 0. attempting to calibrate it just makes it hang at 0 datapoints. I’m pretty sure the unit is defective.

Also comparing it to the official picture:

From a little bit of investigation it’s a power regulator that is missing and it indeed goes to the mag. It appears to be the Vdd_io line. I am concluding that this is the problem. I could hack my own regulator in it but am waiting to see what official pololu response will be and if they are going to send a replacement unit or what they want me to do. How the hell did this thing pass quality tests?(assuming there are any) from close observation it’s not like it fell off or was somehow knocked off by force, the solder points are smooth meaning there was never anything there to begin with.

Hi Sanelss,

The newest version of the LT uses a different magnetometer IC that doesn’t require the SOT package that isn’t populated (It is a 1.8V regulator). If the magnetometer data isn’t working, there is likely some other problem.

I received your email to CH Robotics support. I’ll help you out.