UM6 C++ Linux

I’ve been trying for a long time to interface my CH-UM6 serially with my Linux Ubuntu 10.04 OS using C++, but I failed in many ways. I need to send data serially in hex or binary and receive it also in the same format. If anybody has a specimen of a code doing this part please help. note that I am using USB to serial cable.


If you tell us some details about your setup and describe how you have tried communicating with the CHR-UM6 and the specific problems you are running into, we might be able to give you some advice on getting it working.

- Kevin

Hey yasser,

Are you using a USB to RS-232 converter or a USB-TTL converter. Note that the UM6 requires 3.3V logic levels. RS-232 voltage levels may damage the device.

I have simillar problem with xlinux and UM6-lt.

I don’t know how read data from it. could you help me.
I can read data with serial software. but i want to connect um6 to my computer. and writ program in C++ in ubuntu.
what should i do?

i have the same problem . could you help me?
i am writing prgram with eclipse in ubuntu.


What are you having trouble with specifically? Can you show us what you’ve tried so far and explain what is going wrong?