UM6 Accelerometer not working


I just received a UM6 and started getting to know it. Everything was working well. While adjusting the broadcast rate apparently I set it too high and was unable to load new configuration settings. I didn’t think that I hit “FLASH Commit”, but even after power cycling it was still having the same problems. It would make it about 25% through the read before timing out.

After trying everything I could think of to reset the broadcast rate, I ended up downloading a fresh UM2B firmware and re-flashing it. The flash process went alright, the broadcast rate reset to 0, communication was restored, and the gyro and mag sensors appear to be working correctly, however the accelerometer output is always zero now. Raw Accel and Processed Accel outputs are both enabled, there are no errors in the “status” data, however no accel data is coming through.

Any ideas?


Unfortunately, we are not familiar enough with the UM6 to tell what is wrong. I recommend contacting the manufacturer, CH Robotics, directly:

Thanks Jon,

I contacted CH Robotics about this. They think that the accelerometer somehow got damaged, so they’re shipping out a replacement unit.