Ubuntu Arduino libpololu-arduino

Who can help me to install the libpololu-arduino for Arduino on Uubuntu?
I have downloaded this lib (libraries, boards.txt, platform.txt and programmers.txt) but where to put those files.
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You can find details about that library in the Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from the Arduino Environment guide; the Configuring the Arduino Environment section in particular includes instructions for what to do after downloading the files.


Hello Brandon,
I have read those instructions before, but they are for a windows environment , not for a linux/ubuntu environment. I have a running Arduino IDE on ubuntu, where do I have to put the files?
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Hello, I’ts not as easy as we thought. Placing the files in Linux: /home/{username}/Arduino does not work. The directory that works is .arduino15 but not placing but merging the directories and files with the existing ones. This directory is part of the standard Arduino distribution, so look out, an update will most likely throw the pololu stuff away. Thank for help, regards…

I remember trying to drop new board files in a folder named something like Arduino15 a few years ago in the older version of the IDE but it was definitely the wrong location. The correct place was a folder like /home/{username}/Arduino/hardware/board-name. I am on macOS so obviously it was a little different. The 2.2.1 build of the IDE places them in that same folder on my Mac today. By default, the hardware subfolder doesn’t exist and I have had to create it. Then I could just drag in a folder like Pololu’s libpololu-arduino from the unzipped archive. I am pretty sure that you want to install them in the sketchbook folder and not where the standard distribution is located.

Did the /home/{username}/Arduino sketch folder already exist on your machine? If not, you can check the settings pane in the Arduino IDE to verify that this is the folder it is configured for on your machine.

Yes, the /home/{username}/Arduino sketch folder already exist, how looks the directory structure for arduino with the Pololu stuff? In the zip file I see no hardware directory, maybe thats the problem…?

Another question: I now have the m3pi add-on for the 3pi. I like to design my own add-on with an ESP with WiFi for the 3pi. Is it possible to get the design for the 3pi Expansion Kit with Cutouts (Pololu item #: 979)? My design adaption will be public of course.

  • Under /home/{username}/Arduino you need to manually create a folder called hardware.
  • When you unzip the Pololu stuff, it should produce a folder called libpololu-arduino. Drag and drop that folder into your just created hardware folder.

You will then end up with paths like the following:

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Hello Adam,
That was the problem, I had to create a “hardware” directory to put in the Pololu stuff. Now it is working perfect and I have a nice example how to put my own hardware in the Arduino environment.
Thanks a lot, very good service. Did you have an answer about the design information of the 3pi Expansion Kit with Cutouts (Pololu item #: 979)? I only need the cutout lines and the place of the connectors to the 3pi board.

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