Ubuntu and 3pi

Has any one tried to to program the 3pi robot in ubuntu instead of windows? I have been looking for some sort of guide to work with, and I couldn’t find any that details on how to program it in ubuntu.

thanks guys


Yep, I’ve programmed my 3pi using Ubuntu. The program that I use is called AVRDUDE. All of the examples in the Pololu AVR library have Make files that work on Ubuntu.

Are you using our AVR USB programmer? If so, please refer to this section of the programmer’s user’s guide.

Here is the similar page for if you are using the Orangutan USB Programmer: https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J6/6

- Ryan

The readme file in the libpololu*.zip file lists the Ubuntu packages needed:


These were sufficient for me to compile/download/run just now under Debian.