U3V70F12 Enable Control

Hi there,

I see that the enable pin on this device can be pulled low to shut it off, and that it is pulled high on board. My question is whether there is any specific requirement on the timing of this enable signal. My idea would be to implement an extremely strong low pass filter so that it takes 1-2 seconds for the voltage to rise up to the enable voltage and turn the device on, essentially allowing the rest of the system to stabilize before this regulator is turned on. In concept, should this work as long as the timing to reach 0.4V is sufficient?



There are no timing requirements for how quickly the voltage on the enable signal rises. There is some hysteresis on the enable threshold though. The board will be disabled when the EN pin drops below 0.4V minimum and enabled again when it reaches 1.2V maximum. Note that these are not precision thresholds, so you might see the regulator turn off before EN falls to 0.4V or turn on before it rises to 1.2V.