U3V70A suitability


I recently purchased a U3V70A for a project that requires a continuous 19v from a lithium source of around 11-17v (depending on charge).

As I begin to put the project together I am just checking over the components and I’m not sure this little board is quite up to the task.

The 19v required will be at a peak of 64w/3.4 amps, but usually lower than this.

The description for this item says “6 A can typically be maintained for many minutes without triggering thermal shutdown” - As I would be wanting to run this item for hours at a time I am concerned by this line.

At the lower end of the input voltage of 11v this would be drawing around 6A (more than this actually, with efficiency taken into account). I would like this to be able to do this continuously, so the ‘many minutes’ line concerns me. However, the step up (from 11-19v max) is not particularly large (certainly not 4v to 20v).

I am essentially wondering if this little thing is up to the task or if I should go for something a little more substantial.

I am also just noticing the output current may be a smidge too high… the charts only show 15v output. But at 15v the max continuous output current is about 3.5amps/52w, even if 19v was also 52w it’s below my peak output requirements, but it’s pushing things a bit.


Unfortunately, the U3V70A does seem underpowered for your application. The limits of its current handling are from it overheating, so you might be able to get it to work with added cooling (probably involving a large heatsink and airflow), but we do not have any more specific advice about adding cooling.


Thanks Claire, I was actually able to come up with an alternative solution that means I don’t need the U3V70A after all, I was considering adding cooling as a solution before the alternative presented itself!