U3V50F12 vs U3V50F24 for use at 18V?


I have been very impressed with the robustness of your U3V50F12 products. I have inadvertently abused them on more than one occasion and they have bounced back every time.

I have an application that requires an 18V output and I would rather not adjust the pot on the adjustable version. I would rather change out one of the smd resistor in the voltage divider for the FB pin on a U3V50F12 to produce 18V. I noticed that the 24V cost $2 more than the 12V version. Both version appear to be well within the voltage limits of the TPS55340. Does the 24V version use higher voltage capacitors? The markings appear the same in product photos but those may be “family” photos rather than the specific model of interest. Is there another reason that the 12V model should not be used at 18V?

Thank you for your help!

Hi, Shane.

There are a few components that are different between the 12V and 24V output versions of that regulator, so you should start with a 24V unit and lower it to 18V. If you email us at support@pololu.com, we can tell you what resistor to change.