U3V16F6 Step-up don't reach voltage


I have the U3V16F6 Voltage stup up regulator.
I measure 4,5 volt on the input.
When I measure with the module attached I meseure 1,3volt at the input.
The putput gives me 2.3volts, what should be 6volt.

What is going wrong?

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What are you using to power your regulator, and is there anything connected to VOUT?

Please post some pictures of your setup that show all of your connections. Pictures showing your measurements would be helpful too.

- Patrick

Goodday @PatrickM,

It’s a bicycle battery. There’s a controlunit with a 4,5V output. The headlight needs 6V-48V to shine.
With load or without load I get not the 6Volt on out.

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If you have more specific information (like datasheets or links to product pages) for your battery, the control unit on it, and your headlight, can you post that along with the pictures I asked for?

- Patrick

Hi @PatrickM

I found another solution for this. The 4,5volt is on the base of a transistor. And the collector and emitter is placed between the negative of the lamp en the negative of the battery. So instead of increase the 4,5 volt to 6volt, I’m using the 4,6 volt as a swith to control the ligbt.

I tried the U3V16F6 with a 18650 battery and it works fine. I think the controller has very low ampere on the 4,5volt. So the light makes the voltage to drop to 2,5volt.

In this case I suspect the Amperes are to low to make 6volt.

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I am glad to hear you identified the problem and found a solution! Thanks for letting us know.

- Patrick