U3V16F output capacitance


  1. What is the output capacitance on the U3V16F12 board, and
  2. Would you expect any problem with my adding up to a few hundred uF on the output, to handle transient currents?


Output capacitance is not mentioned in the specs. I hope team Pololu will answer soon. In the description it says " An electrolytic capacitor (33 μF is a good starting point) can be added close to the regulator between VIN and GND to help suppress these spikes."
So, I think it’s wise to choose something close to this mentioned value rather than a few hundred uF.


The U3V16F12 regulator has 10uF of capacitance on the output. I expect adding a few hundred micro farads to be fine.

The note at the bottom of the regulator’s product page about adding a 33uF or larger electrolytic capacitor is to protect the regulator from LC voltage spikes, which occur on the input and are a separate issue from transient current demands on the output.


Thanks Claire.

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