U3V12F9 schematic

Hi Pololu,
Like your other switching regulators, would you be able to share the schematic of the U3V12F9?

I broke the diode & resistor on my board and need to look for replacements.


Hi, TSI.

We do not release the schematic for that regulator, but depending on how the regulator broke, those might not be the only components on the board that are damaged, so replacing them might not solve the issue. If you tell me more about what happened when the regulator was damaged and post pictures of your setup and the component side of the regulator, I might be able to give you more advice. Why do you think those components are broken?


Hi Claire,
I strongly support Open-source hardware designs. So if that regulator schematic is not open, I prefer not using it.

I will design my own circuit.

Thanks anyway,

Hello TSi, do you still need help?