U3V12F9 battery charging indicator

We intend to use your step-up voltage regulator U3V12F9 for charging a 9v li-po battery as we bought 10 units as a start. I wonder if there is any mean to show an indicator of a fully charged battery LED.



LiPo batteries can explode or catch fire if they are not handled and charged properly. For a multi-cell battery, which it sounds like you have, it is especially important to balance the cells. That is why there are so many special LiPo chargers and charging circuits out there.

Our U3V12F9 regulator could definitely be used as part of a battery charging circuit, but is not specifically designed for that, so it doesn’t have any built-in logic for balancing or something like a charge indicator LED. Unless you are familiar with LiPo charging circuits, I recommend using an existing LiPo charging chip or circuit.