U3V12F12 maximum input voltage

U3V12F12 is rated as “VIn no more than VOUT:” pololu.com/product/2117
I have a video transmitter that is really picky about voltages below 12V, and I have a 3S LiPo battery, that ranges from 9.6V to 12.6V.

Will 12.6V into U3V12F12 be destroyed if it has a continuous input voltage of 12.6V?

I know that some boost regulators simply shut down and let the voltage float up when the input is over-volted, but the description here sounds like this one might work differently and actually take damage?


I would not expect the U3V12F12 regulator to be damaged if the input voltage exceeds 12V by a bit. However, when the input is 12.6V I would expect to the output voltage to rise above 12V like you mentioned.

If you need the output voltage to stay at 12V, you could use one of our step-up/step-down regulators like the S18V20F12 instead.


Thanks! Overvoltage by a bit is fine. It’s below 12V that the transmitter really glitches. In fact, it’s more stable at 13V, so I may end up going adjustable. Just wish you would use nonlinear pots so the high end of the adjustment range wasn’t so sensitive.