Tx+analogue joystick to Rx+simple motor controller

Hi, Wixels came in the mail today.

Given i want one to accept analog joystick inputs and transmit it to a second wixel (which needs to receive the analog data and sent it to some Pololu Motor Controllers)

I loaded the Joystick app onto the wixel …no problem but then it disappeared from the Config Utility. /scratches head…a lot.

My PC is reading it as a Joystick input when connected via usb.

I dont know how to rewrite to the Wixel to do the beginner Blink app…and for the love of god i cant find anywhere a direct page/instruction that says…

To write a new app do XXXX then YYYY…can please some one shed some light on this simple thing.

The Wixel Configuration Utility is not finding the device now that i have written to it .

My PC just reads it as a Joystick and that’s as far as i get.

Tony Matthews.

I want to be able to test that it is actually transmitting the analog inputs but with only one green led staying solid the TX lights are out and not coming on since i wrote to it.

Do i need to disconnect it from my USB port before it will start transmitting ? how can it test the transmitted signal.

Hello, Tony.

As it says in the Joystick App section of the Wixel’s user’s guide, writing that app to a Wixel makes it so that the Wixel appears to your computer as a Human Interface Device. This note is from that same section of the Wixel user’s guide:

As for your other question, I think you are confused about how those apps work; neither the Blink App nor the Joystick App transmit anything. If you write an app to the Wixel that does transmit something, you should not need to disconnect it from USB in order for it to transmit.


//Edit // This is a link to the page with the instructions on how to do what i needed to do. pololu.com/docs/0J46/5.c
// with so much new to learn i did not understand this page when i first read it and forgot it when i needed it :confused:

Took a break for a while and went and bought an Adruino Development kit.

for me this was the cheapest way to get jumper wires , a bread board and other stuff to plug into the wixel for testing.

Ok…now …how do i get one wixel ( 1cell IiPo+wixel+analogue joystick )

To transmit to another Wixel (two simple motor controllers, one for one axis one for the other)

I am trying to use the serial app to do it but not having much success.

To transmit analog values from a joystick (x,y) Transmit to a Pololu Simple motor controller.
What app do i put on the transmit wixel (and how do i wire it up) (//edit found TX here on github)
What app do i put on the Receive wixel (and how do i wire it to the simple motor controller) (there is this RX appbut it connects to a computer not to set (one for each axis) of simple motor controllers)

Wired one the wrong way…just got magic white smoke… :frowning:

Gave up, its all to hard to use this product with the limited apps and my non exixtant still level when it comes to the programming language used.

Went back to the larger RC transmitter and just pulled one appart and re housed it with the wheelchair joystick…

I would still like to figure it out for the purposes of making a smaller TX unit for the quadriplegic guys to use chin control.


I am sorry that you had a hard time getting your Wixel pair to work for your application. Writing custom Wixel apps is something that I would only recommend for those who are experienced with embedded programming. If you do want to use Wixels to transmit data from a joystick to a Simple Motor Controller in the future, it would probably be much easier to use the Wixel’s Wireless Serial App. You could then have a separate controller, like an Arduino read the joystick and send serial commands through the Wixels to the motor controller.