Two wixel and buzzers


I am new to Wixel and I need some help starting off.
First, I am currently using C++ for the coding and I was wondering how I would convert a C source file type to a Wixel App File (.wxl)

Second, I am trying to build a two way connection using the UART - to Radio mode with a speaker, battery, buzzer and button on each end. The goal is to click a button on one side and activate the buzzer on the other end. I am unfamiliar with the coding for Wixel, can anyone give me some hints and tips for the coding



Hello, SH.

Unfortunately, we do not know of any (free) C++ compilers for the 8051 architecture, so you would need to first write your program in C before converting it into a WXL file. I recommend following the instructions in the “Writing Your Own Wixel App” section of the Wixel User’s Guide.

As for your second question, you might take a look at the example_pwm and the io_repeater apps in the Wixel SDK.

- Amanda