Two-tone faux metal with translucent core?

Does anyone know if a two-tone material exists, that has a faux brushed metal front and a translucent/transparent core?

My reason for asking:
A few years back I had a set of dial faces for my car cut by Pololu (brushed alu face/black core).
They were laser cut all the way through, and then I placed a white translucent sheet behind the plastic.
It worked very well and looked good:

Fast-forward a couple of years…
The needle on the speedo has now started to stick because the translucent sheet has come lose.
I can glue it back on again, but it’s bound to happen again and again.

So I thought maybe a “faux metal front/translucent core” material has become available since then?
That way I would be able to eliminate the white translucent sheet I’m using now.
Heck, maybe there was one back then too and I just couldn’t find it…
Any and all help greatly appreciated!



Wow! Those parts look fantastic! We do not know of a place that stocks material with a faux metal front and transparent or translucent core. However, we have had a customer special order that type of material from Johnson Plastics in the past, and I heard that you can also do that through JDS:

Both companies will work directly with Rowmark or IPI (manufacturers of two-toned material) to arrange custom two-toned material purchases. You will probably have to purchase a 4-foot-by-8-foot sheet (they will cut it down to size before shipping if you want).

Since buying 32 square feet of custom material isn’t very practical, perhaps you can try re-gluing with a different adhesive. We have heard that Weld-On #3 and #16 work well for acrylic. You might try consulting as well.

If you come up with a good solution, we’d love to hear about it. Good luck!

- Candice