Two boost regulators in parallel?

Hello all,

I’m powering a pump that draws about 1A @ 9V from a capacitor bank (9V, 1.0F), via a Pololu Adjustable Boost Regulator 2.5-9.5V. The pump is set to run for about 10 seconds every few minutes.
Can I use two of these regulators in parallel to increase the available output current at the end of the discharge cycle?
Would the small differences in output voltage between the regulators pose any risk?



I don’t think just wiring the outputs together will work well since you don’t know how the two regulators will share the load. Perhaps you could put them in parallel through some small (maybe 0.5 ohm?) resistors if your application can handle the wasted power, and that would help ensure that both regulators contribute. I haven’t tried this; you might want to measure the currents on each regulator to confirm how well the load sharing happens to make sure your solution is safe.

- Jan