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Tweak voltage regulator output?

Hi there!
I have a Pololu #4095 D36V50F12 which I’d like to increase the output voltage slightly to 13.8V, is that possible?

Thanks in advance…

Assuming the output voltage now is 12.0 volts, how about adding 3 diodes in series from the ground pin of the D36V50F12 to your system ground, to lift the D36V50F12 about 1.8V above the system ground. That should give you about (12 + 3*0.6) = 13.8 volts out.

Hi, simingx.

It is possible to increase the output voltage of the D36V50F12 regulator, but it would involve changing some of the surface mount resistors on the board. If you are interested in trying it, please email us for more details.

I would not recommend creating different ground references in your system, since if you do not keep track of them well it could lead to a part accidentally getting connected to the wrong voltage and being damaged.


Hi Claire,
Thanks for the reply. Have dropped an email :wink: