Turning off a servo to save battery

I am working on a circuit to control a Power HD Standard Servo 3001HB, but I think this applies to any of your small servos. The controller will be an MCU (an ESP8266).

I want to be able to move the servo to a spot, then turn it off to save power. It will have maybe 1/4 of it’s stall torque on it while it is off.

Is there a recommended practice for this?

I’ve thought about:
What does the servo do if the MCU holds the PWM at 0v (while keeping power on the servo)? Does it actively try to hold the last position or does it just relax?

If I remove the Vin from the servo it has to relax, but how much torque is OK before I have to worry about it being back-driven? Is it the same spec as stall torque?

If I used a Maestro controller would I have a better option?

Thanks for helping.
Stay healthy,

Nevermind, I think. I have decided that a servo is just wrong for this application. I will operate this mechanism maybe twice per day. It’s for a roof vent which will go from fully closed to open, then sit for hours, then go to fully closed again, then sit for hours or days. I should be using a gearmotor and limit switches. Which is of course what you recommended to me weeks ago.