TSSP58p38 distance measurement

Hello there!

I bought some TSSP58p38 IR receivers for reading IR Ball for RCJ Soccer Competition. I have been trying to read distance from the ball using sensor’s PWM output. I put low pass and high pass RC filters but they didn’t help. So I thought there might be a software solution, so can You send me Arduino code that works or tell me the hardware solution?

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Hello, Andrija.

I am sorry you are having trouble reading the output of your IR receiver. We have not written any code for your specific case, but I suspect that you should be able to use something like Arduino’s pulseIn() function to determine the width of any pulses received on the TSSP58P38 receiver. By the way, the readings on those sensors will depend on brightness, so if you care about absolute distance measurements, it is likely that other sensors will give you better results.