Trying to get "OpenMelt" robot code onto Baby Orangutan via USB AVR 2.1 on Mac - "com1" error

Hi all. I’m trying to make a “meltybrain” translational drift robot. I was hoping to use the “OpenMelt” code that someone had made and posted some years ago (Open Melt - Open Source Melty Brain / Translational Drift). Open Melt calls for a Baby Orangutan B-328, which I have, and I’m trying to get the program onto the 328 with a USB AVR 2.1 programmer.

I’m getting an error when I try to compile the OpenMelt code. The error is “can’t open device Com1” (grab attached). I can see com1 called out in the Makefile (second grab). I’ve just started to play around the with 328 and I’m new to programming. But, I’ pretty sure I need to spec the programming port in the Make file to get the compiling to complete. I believe the OpenMelt code was made quite some years ago and I assume it was made for a Windows PC. I’m running a Mac.

So my question is, does anyone know what/where I need to update in the Make File to address this com1 error? Is it a matter of replacing the call out to com1 with my programming port (/dev/cu.usbmodem00282452)? Or some other fix? Thanks for any ideas!



You should definitely change the AVRDUDE_PORT variable in the Makefile to point to the correct port on your Mac. Also, you should change the MCU variable so that AVRDUDE programs for an ATmega328P, which is used on your version of the Baby Orangutan, and not for an ATmega168. I did not look over the rest of the Makefile, but you might need to make additional changes to it.

- Amanda

Hi Amanda:
Got it. I done both of the things you mentioned and it appears to be compiling correctly now. Thank you!