Trying to communicate between two pololu 3pi Robot using IR sensor encoding decoding methodmethod

Robot specification : 3pi+32U4 Robot Standard Edition (30:1 MP Motors), Assembled.
Adruino board: Leonardo
Using two robots to communicate based on built in IR signal emitter. We cannot add any extra hardware(Like bluetooth, WIFI or USB for serial communication).

Scenario: Leader robot is following a line , another robot follows the leader. if the leader takes a turn it should communicate to the follower. for this we are thinking to use IR signal encoding and decoding method. Where we want to count the num of highs n lows and set some command accordingly .
The issue is I am not sure which protocol IR emitter is using in pololu .
Could you please suggest which protocol should we use?
Any library we can use to communicate?
I reffered IRemote but it sendNEC its not working.
We also used sony thats also not working.

Please suggest it’s little urgent for us.


Hello, Monica.

Unfortunately, there are not any IR emitters or receivers on our 3pi+ robots that are compatible with IR remote control signals. There is not a practical way to send or receive wireless signals from the 3pi+ without additional electronics.

One of our Zumo robots (either the new Zumo 2040 or the Zumo 32U4) might be a better option for an application like that since they have three proximity sensors that can be used to detect commands from typical IR remote controls. Our Zumo 32U4 Arduino library even has a remote control example where it reads NEC protocol commands. However, I am not sure if that type of protocol makes sense in an application like yours where your robots need to communicate with each other, and I am not sure how well the Zumo’s IR emitters will work for sending encoded signals like that.

- Patrick