Trouble with LCD

Hey Y’all,

I just got my 3pi, and am having trouble with the LCD.
I put in (4) fresh batteries, replaced LCD in exact same position (double checked with pictures for correct orientation).
Turn robot on and get beeps but no LCD display. Scroll thru menu to get music just fine.
Played with contrast pot on underside and got the display to go solid squares on first line only.




Are you sure you didn’t initially plug it in reversed or offset by a row or column? The behavior you’re describing makes it sound like the LCD is not functioning properly, and plugging it in wrong would be the most likely way for it to get damaged. Please contact me directly at ben at pololu dot com and I can get you a replacement LCD.

- Ben

Thanks Ben for taking great of a new customer.
More product has been ordered and will also be in the future.