Trouble with configuring Orangutan X2 with VNH2

I bought a Orangutan X2 with VNH2, according to the specification, the ATmega328P works as a programmer and I don’t need external programmer. But I don’t know how to config it? I followed this on windows 7. But in Atmel studio, it always show that unable to connect to tool STK500 (com 11).

The error message is: Failed to open \.\COM11. Error 0x5


I believe your question is answered by this note from the Atmel Studio 6 section of that document:

The 0x5 in the error message is a Windows error code that means that access was denied. I suspect you have the COM port open in another program, or maybe you just need to reboot. That would allow you to get further with Atmel Studio, but I still don’t expect Atmel Studio to work with the Orangutan X2 because of differences in the protocol.

If you have further questions, let me know.