Trouble using Micro Maestro 6 to connect with the Unity

Hello everyone,

Currently, I bought a Lynxmotion Large Pan / Tilt Kit with HS-805BB and HS-645MG Servo Motors. And I I mounted them on the Micro Maestro 6. (you can see the figure below).

Then, I use Pololu Maestro Control Center.exe to control two servos to test whether these two servos are connected to my PC(win11) via USB. The result is successful.

Afterwards, I aim to test this KITS whether can connect to the Unity (version: 2021.3.16f1). So I create a new 3D project, and import:
Usc.dll, UsbWrapper.dll, Bytecode,dll, Sequencer.dll, Pololulcon.dll, et al.
Unity DLL

Then, I write a script.

I drag this script to a GameObject (is Empty), and start to run the 3D project.

However, after I run the 3D project, the Unity crashes directly!

Could anyone give me some advice, or teach me how to connect this kit to unity?

Thank you so much!

We do not have any resources for using our products with Unity and unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with it to offer any specific advice for the problem you described.

It looks like you imported a lot of files from our Maestro software download into your project. The only ones actually useful for communicating with the Maestro are Usc.dll and its dependencies: UsbWrapper.dll, Sequencer.dll, and Bytecode.dll. In case it helps, the source code for most of those are in the Pololu USB SDK.

If you haven’t done so already, you might try searching for a tutorial or documentation for controlling WinUSB devices with Unity that you can use as a starting point, instead of trying to integrate the Usc library.


Thank you for your reply, I try to use unity2018.2.18f1 version, and successfully connected to the servos.

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