Trouble reading data from MinIMU-9(DLH carrier)

I bought MinIMU-9 Gyro, Accelerometer, and Compass (L3G4200D and LSM303DLH Carrier) few days back. I am a novice when it comes to gyro and Arduino.

I connected it to Arduino UNO board as mentioned on polulu description page.
Since i was not sure, i didn’t solder the IMU to the connecting pins. I just connected them loosely on bread board.

I downloaded all required libraries and dependencies. But when i gave a test run, Unfortunately, it didn’t give any output. When i played with the open source code MinIMU9AHRS.pde for some time, i found that the code was not able to read any value from gyro or compass. I wrote a sample program to read and print the angular positions. But it indeed didn’t work.

So i have the following questions.

Do i need to solder the IMU with pins to get it work ?
If IMU can work fine without soldering it to pins, what other problems IMU might have ?
How do i check and fix them ?

I don’t have any circuit to check different variables. I need to get it work before next Saturday. Please Help.

Thank You
Have a happy Thanksgiving.


Just having it sit loosely on the pins is very likely not sufficient for making the required electrical connections. You should solder the header pins to the board. If you don’t have much experience soldering, you should google around for some online soldering tutorials, first, so that you know what a good solder joint is supposed to look like and how to make one.

- Ben