Trouble finding port/board for my zumo32U4 on MAC OS X

I’ve downloaded the a-star file and was able to move the “pololu” folder from the “add-on” folder into the hardware folder of the Arduino.
I also added the Zumo32U4 library to my arduino IDE. However, when I connect my USB to the zumo and my mac… it doesn’t show any port options. I also can’t find the Zumo 32U4 board selection.

I feel like I followed the instructions but still can’t connect the zumo with my arduino IDE.
Help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!


It sounds like the Zumo 32U4 device is not being recognized by your Mac. If you have not already done so, can you try using a different USB cable (one you know is working)? Can you also run dmesg | tail - 30 immediately after connecting the Zumo to your Mac and post the output results here?

With regards to not seeing the “Pololu A-Star 32U4” board entry in your Arduino IDE, did you restart the IDE after copying the “pololu” folder into the “hardware” folder of your Arduino IDE’s sketchbook directory? The sketchbook directory can be found under File->Preferences of your Arduino IDE.

- Amanda