Trouble detecting MinIMU 9 v3 on Raspberry pi 2

I’m running Raspbian. I am following this tutorial:

I made the connection by following this pin layout for RP 2 Model B: … ock-pinout

Here are pictures of my setup and the output of i2cdetect. I have checked all connections multiple times. I have disassembled everything and built it from scratch but I still cannot get i2cdetect to output anything other than the blank lines.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I might have missed.


I am sorry you are having trouble getting your MinIMU-9 working. It’s difficult to tell from your picture, but do you have the header pins soldered to the IMU? You should not expect them to be making good contact if you just have them inserted through the holes into the breadboard.


That worked! Thanks Jonathan!