Total Power for extra devices?

I want plug an RFID reader into my 3pi directly.

How much power can the 3pi give my RFID device if it is the only extra thing I add to it?

Thanks 3pi forum


Didn’t Ryan essentially answer this question in your other thread and point you to the 3pi FAQ that explicitly talks about available power? If his explanation was not sufficient, please post follow-up questions in your original thread instead of starting a new topic like this.

- Ben


Yes, Ryan did point to the FAQ which addressed my question under:
“I’m adding peripherals to the 3pi that require 5 V. How much current can the 5 V (Vcc) power bus supply?”

But, the answer wasn’t clear cut.
Sorry for starting a new thread for this topic, though the answer should apply to any added peripherals.

I should rephrase my question. Worst case scenario, if the 3pi is using all included sensors, motors, etc. at max power consumption,
how much overhead power is there from the battery back assuming a particular battery voltage?

I’m interested in this In order to always have a consistent current to one added sensor until the batteries are dead.

Please delete or move this thread as necessary.