Tire falls off wheel

I got this wheel and the extra tires for L3-G0, my Lego R2-D2 (http://L3-G0.blogspot.com if anyone cares)
1433 Pololu Wheel 80x10mm Pair - Blue
694 High-Traction Sticky Tire (one tire)

It’s about perfect for spinning his head, right diameter, speed and everything, but… the tires (either type) keep falling off. Fairly often even.

Any suggestions to keeping the tires on the wheel? I’m considering some sort of glue, but not sure what might work.


I am sorry that is happening. We have not tried permanently attaching those tires and wheels, and we do not have any recommendations for how to do it. If you decide to use glue, please let us know how it goes.

Alternatively, if you post a video that shows the tire coming off, I might be able to offer some suggestions on how to prevent that from happening.


Unfortunately I can’t see it coming off :frowning: It came off on this video, but that’s not gonna help :slight_smile:

You can see part of the mount here at 22 seconds, you can pause it in HD, but that’s just the wheel so it also won’t help much :frowning:

When it falls off, it typically just starts peeling away on one side for a short distance, either up or down, because I’ve stopped it and seen it in that state. Then if I keep spinning the R2’s dome the tire eventually falls all the way off.

Apparently people use CA to glue RC tires on, so I think I might try that. I’m not sure of the composition of the materials, but they seem similar to RC hubs/tires.

AFAICT it’s fairly close to “level” with the bearing it’s pushing against, though granted it could be picky. My suspects are too much pressure, too much angular momentum, and not a slow enough accel/decel setting on the power controller. I tried without most of the dome on, just the plate, so that I could “see”, and couldn’t get it to fail, which makes me suspect that it’s bunching up or stretching or something when it tries to spin up the mass of all the Lego while the angular momentum catches up with what the motor’s trying to do. IF that’s the case, slowing the accel/decel should maybe help. I’m probably going to set the accel/decal as slow as I can and have it still “look” right.

Thanks for sharing the videos. If you happen to video the event another time, feel free to post it, and maybe someone here will be able to suggest something. Otherwise, I’d be interested to know how well the CA glue works.


FWIW, the CA seems to be working fine. Haven’t had any problems since I did that. Didn’t really get it on terribly well either, but his head spins fine now!

Spinning about 45 seconds in…

I’m glad that solution worked for L3-G0. That video was adorable! Its too bad you couldn’t get Lily’s parents’ contact info; it could be fun for them to relive this.


Oh, that’s old info, I should find that reference and update it. They did eventually find it after a bit. Apparently Lily spent a Saturday watching it :wink: