Timers and Interrupts

Hi guys, Im newbie in Wixel programming and am having some difficulty to understand and use the timers. I managed to find something analyzing the code of sdk, but it was not enough.

Is there a tutorial for using timers? Where can I get more complete information about timers? At first I would like to set a timer to generate interruptions in a given time interval and write code that will run on each interrupt, but I have not succeeded so far, my difficulty is to set the timer.

Hello. The datasheet of the CC2511F32 describes the timers and all their features in detail, but it isn’t really a tutorial. You can find it in the “Resources” tab for the Wixel:

I don’t know of any CC2511F32 timer tutorials.

What period are you trying to get your interrupt to run at? If it’s a multiple of 1ms and you don’t need precise timing, you could just do something without interrupts the way we do it in the example_blink_led code in the Wixel SDK.


Thanks David, datasheet helped a lot. Actually the time interval ranges from 10 to 60ms, but the precision is important, the timer will generate pulses to a pair of stepper motors. From what I understand the way used by blink led program has a good precision in milliseconds counting, but the processes performed by the rest of program can delay the pulses. As I think it will be a large program, maybe the best option is use a timer with interrupt.