Time stamp and ID

I attempting to start a project involving several remotes and one main receiver. I would like one Wixel as a receiver. Each of the remotes would be a remotes would also be a Wixel. I would like the remotes to be capable of sending an ID of 4 bits as well as a time stamp. My first question is does this thing have built in clock or would I have to use an external crystal?

The wixel has a crystal, of course, so a real time clock could be implemented on each module. That is a great idea for a wixel “app”. I couldn’t find an example implementation of a CC2511Fx RTC, from TI or anywhere else.

Have you thought about how to synchronize the clocks on the remote wixels, or is that not important for your application? The master could create the time stamp upon packet reception.

Edit: I had forgotten that the wixel SDK provides a function to keep track of time in milliseconds (as a 32-bit integer) after initialization. You would need to test the accuracy of this function before relying on it, but it might satisfy your needs.

I am actually a beginner to both the wixel world and the programming world. I haven’t thought through much at all other then trying to figure out what will work for my application. I do need reliability and fairly high precision with the times.