Time of Flight Sensors (VL53L0X and VL6180X) Timeout after random period of time

I’ve been using these two sensors(in the title) for a robotics project, and I’ve stumbled across a strange issue. The sensors work fine, but sometimes they randomly timeout. Normally, the lasers flash a red beam that shows it is gathering data, but sometimes the beam stops flashing, signifying that the sensor has either turned off or timed out. This issue only happens for the short range sensors(VL6180X), but I’m afraid it could possibly also happen to the VL53L0X. When I restart my Arduino, everything resets and the sensors work as normal again.


I am sorry you are having an issue with your time of flight sensor. Can you tell me more about your setup and the issue? What Arduino are you using to read the sensors? What code are you using to read the data? How are you supplying power to each of your components? That sensor emits a laser that is invisible to the human eye; how are you making your observations? Are you able to actually read data during the times the sensor appears to be timing out? Is there a pattern to when the timeouts occur? How long does it take to timeout?



I actually have the same problem as alex.lx.zhang.
I have a custom PCB with a Teensy (32bits ARM) and a setup of 6 of your VL53L0x sensors.
I am using your library with the Single readings and “Long Range” parameters. I am using a 0.5A 3V3 LDO to power them.
I often get Timeout errors, quite randomly. Sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after a few errors. Usually the Timeout appears when I stand in front of the sensor, after a couple of minutes / hours without any detection.
When there is a timeout I can’t do anything, by code is basically stuck in this Timeout condition and the only option is to physically powercycle the whole PCB.
Do you have an idea of how to avoid this? Is it a software overflow problem? Is there a way to reset the sensor and carry on operation without restarting the whole thing?

Thanks very much
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Hello, Coverti.

I am sorry you are having timeout issues. Can you post pictures that clearly show your setup and connections? Have you modified Single.ino besides uncommenting the LONG_RANGE setting? Does this happen when testing one sensor at a time? Also, do you have a regular Arduino that you can use to test your time-of-flight sensor system with?


I am also having similar problems. Running the single mode code in a1000 sample loop shows no timeouts. A second sketch using the same call to report single measurement locked into reporting the sensor timeout.

Hello, frobe_the_penguin.

I am sorry you are also having timeout issues. Can you tell me more about your setup? Which time of flight sensor are you using and how many are in your system? How are you supplying power? Can you also post your second sketch? If it is a long sketch, can you post the shortest or simplest version of it that you expect to work, but does not?


Was having the same problem due to induction current from motors. Shielding the cables solved the issue.